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Figure Drawing



A typical session is broken down into 6x 20 minute sets,

with 5 minute breaks in between as goes as follows:

Set 1: 10x 2 minute poses
Set 2: 2x 5 minute poses, 1x 10 minute poses
Sets 3, 4, 5 and 6: 1x 20 minute poses

     Drawing benches and easels are available in the room but artists must provide their own supplies.  All mediums are welcome except oil paints, fixatives of any kind and markers with strong fumes, due to inadequate room ventilation and participants with chemical sensitivities.


In order to keep a spirit of total creativity, so everyone is free to enjoy their drawing experience without judgement, THE OFFERING OF UNSOLICITED ADVICE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  The group has always consisted of artists of all levels, from seasoned professionals to casual practitioners.  You are welcome to ask others for advice at anytime, but do not offer suggestions unless asked.  So please check your ego at the door and focus on your own education and training.  On the flipside, we encourage participants to ask questions, walk around the room and look at what others are doing and be supportive of everyone's efforts.

- Silence your cellphone or other noise making devices.  If you receive a call, please take it outside the classroom.

- Move extended conversations with others outside the room while the model is posing on the stand

- Each participant is limited to the use of 1 bench only

- Do not rearrange the configuration of the benches around the model stand, as it is configured to accommodate the maximum amount of people while still providing for personal space. If you wish to swap a different size bench for another, that is fine

- Do not move another person's bench or belongings in order to squeeze your bench or set up into the main circle of benches.  Yes, people do this, and it's just plain rude. 

- No photographing the model while nude on the model stand, even if they are in the background and not the focus of the photo.

- Obey all signs or directions in regards to not touching or going into areas designated as off limits due to being related to official University of Hawaii business.  

- Do not call out requests or give suggestions to our models.  Everyone is paying the same model fee and not everyone is going to get the ideal pose at all times.  Plus, some models are open to this and others are extremely shy and such suggestions can be intimidating.  We have a diverse group of models, many of whom are doing it for various reasons.

- Be respectful and considerate of others

- And as mentioned, check your ego at the door


Artists can be a selfish lot at some time or another, in order to create what they perceive as the perfect work.  However, this class is meant to be for everyone of all levels of skill and goals, and the only way it can be kept that way is if everyone is courteous and respectful, which these rules are established to do. 

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