Figure Drawing

     Figure drawing has always been one of Scott's passions as an artistic expression, but especially as a foundation for developing and maintaining technique, regardless of the medium.  For the past several years Scott has run a figure drawing workshop at the Art Building of the University of Hawaii campus in Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.  The group was originally run by artist Yoko Radke for over 27 years before she asked Scott to take over duties due to health reasons.  Scott still considers Yoko to be the true leader of the group since its existence is all due to her several years of dedication to the art community.

     The group is informally known as Sunday Drawing in Manoa, and while not an official class of the University, it has permission to use the facilities year round.  A few years ago the group established the Yoko Radke Award for Excellence in Figurative Works to honor Yoko and thank the University for their generosity.  This award is given to an undergraduate art student at the University and is selected by the awards selection committee.

     The workshop runs almost every Sunday, including when the University is on break, except for special circumstances such as major holidays.  It begins at 9:30 am sharp and runs til approximately 12:15 pm.  Drawing benches and easels are available in the room but artists must provide their own supplies.  All mediums are welcome except oil paints, fixatives of any kind and markers with strong fumes.  No instruction is given unless requested.  In order to provide a totally uninhibited creative environment, the giving of unsolicited advice is not allowed!  This is in order for artists of all levels to feel welcome and pursue whatever goal they desire. 

     For more information please feel free to contact Scott.